There’s always a reason to celebrate. See how Cuppy celebrates some of his favorite days.

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      Thursday, Aug 20th

      Here in Canaan we make every day your day! We are always here to help!

      Rob S.

      Tuesday, Jun 23rd

      Ok, I am in the commercial, how do I get one of those awesome Maine Carpe Dunkin t-shirts?

      Donna, Jenn, Val

      Wednesday, Jun 17th

      We run on Dunkin #carpedunkin


      Monday, Jun 15th

      Heading to Rockport, Mass on Saturday, home of my favorite DD shop. Get my latte and donut hole ready for me! #CarpeDunkin


      Thursday, Jun 4th

      Just got engaged and am taking wedding planning by the horns! Bring it on little details! #CarpeDunkin


      Thursday, Jun 4th

      Finally started my Beach to Beacon training and ran my first 3 miles without stopping! #CarpeDunkin


      Thursday, Jun 4th

      Took the risk and applied for a new job - totally my #CarpeDunkin - first interview down and got a call back! So pumped! Maybe I should treat myself to a little DD now.


      Thursday, Jun 4th

      Does it count if I survived a seafood restaurant and I hate seafood? #CarpeDunkin?


      Thursday, Jun 4th

      Got through my baby's first day at daycare which, as some may know, is a BIG DEAL. Got my large dunkin' iced immediately after to get me through the tears on my way to work. I would call that my #CarpeDunkin - I survived!